I started to play the bass guitar as a self-taught at the age of 16.

The only formal musical education I acquired was in 2009 during a one-year stay at the Jazz Conservatory in Klagenfurt, when I started to play the double bass as well. Only three years later, I was awarded the Status, the prestige Croatian award given by the Croatian Musicians Union, for The Best Jazz Bassist.

I am a professional musician and play in various jazz ensembles and with many pop musicians. I would like to point out collaborations with names such as Marko Tolja, Tamara Obrovac, Elvis Stanić Group, Voices of Nature, Vedran Ružić Trio (with myself), Charlie Jurković, Goran Končar and various other jazz projects... there will be more



vedran ruzic glazba


I tried my hand at original compositions as well, when I decided to release the album "Night Speaking" in 2014 after many years of composing melodies. The album consists of 8 original songs in blues / folk / jazz genre. This project gathered excellent musicians; my brother Zvjezdan Ružić, a trained jazz pianist, and Tonči Grabušić on drums.

The quality of the project was recognized by the Menart record label which issued the album. The songs were recorded in the "Highway" studio of Zvjezdan Ružić who also made the mastering. My painting was used as the cover of the album, that was spontaneously created in the studio on Volosko which has become a perfect venue for the visual identity of this album.


Vedran Ružić TRIO - Night Speaking

Official video: Ira Tomić and John Kardum



Vedran Ružić - Tanac z Triljun

Album: Spiritual Market, 2016. 




Vedran Ružić - Libertin  (2019)

New album Libertin