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My art journey...


My journey in the world of painting became more serious with the series of paintings called "Galleass and Sailboats" in 2010, shortly after followed by a period of painting motives of the Kvarner Bay.

After a short creative crisis in the winter of 2013, in a cool apartment in Volosko, I made the first painting of a cat! Since then my cat paintings probably outnumbered the number of cats on Volosko!

Since the release of "The Cat of Volosko" picture book (text by Elizabet Jovanović) my cats became recognizable around the Kvarner Bay and numerous examples came into the hands of children in the Germanic-speaking areas when it was translated into German (Der Kater aus Volosko).


My last "cat" project was the release of the "Morčić" picture book with poems by Drago Gervais. a special feature of this picture book is that all illustrations are reproductions of my large acrylic paintings on canvas. Of course, cats of Volosko are not the only motives of my paintings. During my studies at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka I started with a series of female nudes called "Nudes".

Besides, my aim is to connect music and painting so recently I try to convey music to canvas in different ways, one of which being painting on stage during the concert. The combination of these two arts created a series of works which I titled "Concertual Art".

Most of my works are difficult to describe in words or place in any of the series, so I encourage you to stop by studio "Mala Soba" in Volosko and have a look at my work.


Selected solo exhibitions in Croatia:

2010 "Galleass and Sailboats" "Opatijski Portun" Gallery, Opatija
2012 "Colored Sounds of the Landscape," Heritage Museum, Rukavac
2013 "Silent Cats on Chimneys", Opatija
2013 "Opatija Bathers," Open Air Theatre, Opatija
2013 Promotion of the picture book and the exhibition of paintings titled "The Cat of Volosko" Villa Angiolina, Opatija
2014 Juraj Šporer Art Pavilion, Opatija
2014 "Vincent from Kastav", church of the Holy Trinity, Kastav
2015 "Colors of Kvarner", Heritage Museum, Buzet


  International solo exhibitions:

2014 "Zug der Farben" Lumina Galerie, Vienna, Austria
2015 "Der Kater aus Volosko," Museum der Stadt Bad Ischl, Austria
2015 "Der Kater aus Volosko", Galerie Einraum, Gleisdorf, Austria