Sculptures are made of welded chains, some of which are in DNA form, while others are in free form, together showing the universal symbollics of chained connection. They are a part of conceRtual work, created because of author's endeavor to link music with other art forms. Melodies are inwrought in the sculptures – molecules that mark the genetic code of artist's compositions. The idea came to him while composing for the new project, Libertin, which consists of three acts: The Origin, Family Dream, and Libertin. The Origin speaks about how we were created, made, Family Dream about how our parents imagined us while Libertin speaks about the man who escaped the frameworks of any kind and anybody's expectations and now follows his dreams steadily.

One of the sculptures is visibly different. It symbolises Four Tons of Debussy. The author repeatedly listened the beginning of Debussy's composition Girl With the Flaxen Hair to finally get to the shape of the crescent moon with a ball. This sculpture is set in front of MOHO center in Volosko, in honour to science giants Andrija and Stjepan Mohorovičić.