Performed by jazz quartet:
Jaka Kopač – alt.sax
Hrvoje Galler – piano
Adriano Bernobić – drums
Vedran Ružić – double bass/bass guitar

“Libertin” is a “ConceRtual”art project emphasizing the unification of multiple art forms, in this case – jazz music and contemporary dance. It consists of three parts: “Beginning”, “Family Dream” and “Libertin”, where all three describe a unique perspective. “Beginning” describes our birth, our growth and the moment in which we begin to separate ourselves into our own self. “Family dream” is the embodiment of our parent’s image of us, their idea of what we are to become. “Libertin” encompasses the final thoughts of the project which are the journey of a man relinquishing himself from the chains of other people’s dreams, all for him to become an artist of his own life.

This project presents the independence of separate art forms by simultaneously presenting the combination of music and visual arts, but also unites them by creating their own universe. The democracy between art forms is a comparison to our society expressing a certain importance of each element.

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