Construction / Reconstruction


In this series of work Ružić strives to link painting and music. He creates his work by collecting the partitures which he used to play and pasting them in a collage technique on a surface over which he paints abstraction. Next step is making a canvas in the same size and copying the picture in acrilyc on canvas technique. Here he sends an important message: "It is a skill to be able to copy your own work, no matter how banal it sounds."

„Chromatic partitures is the name of the most recent Ružić's opus. It is characterized by the elements of improvisation, spontaneity, and influence of philosophical and psychological Kandinski's base in combining music and painting. Elements of lyrical abstraction are visible in spontaneous brush moves. They include improvisations, gesturality, metamophorsis, and aspiration to overcome the restrictions of controlled, rational conscious while expressing inner experience, emotions and content. Led by that idea, artist doesn't restrict himself by the rules and frameworks. On the other hand, respecting painting and musical language is always present, but with emphasis on the deepest and the most honest artistic expression.“

Lidija Strika, mag. hist. art.